VA Beach EMS Volunteers & Career Staff Train To Become “Stop The Bleed” Instructors

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VB EMS Volunteers & Career Staff-Stop The Bleed Instructor Training.

VB EMS Volunteers & Career Staff-Stop The Bleed Instructor Training.

Did you know that uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death from trauma?

The trauma could be the result of serious injury from accidental or intentional harm.

A person could bleed out in just minutes if immediate action is not taken to stop the bleeding and anyone with proper training may help to save a life of someone bleeding.

Recently, a number of Virginia Beach EMS Volunteers and Career Staff spent a Thursday afternoon in the Virginia Beach EMS Training Center becoming instructors in teaching the, “Stop The Bleed Course.”

The intent is for the instructors to go out into the public and teach for free, to anyone the basic’s of stopping serious bleeding.

The two hour course evolves around the ABCs of Bleeding:

First-Ensure Your Safety

A-Alert-Call 911

B-Bleeding-find the bleeding injury

C-Compress:-Apply pressure to stop the bleeding, covering the wound, use a tourniquet or packing the wound if necessary.

To find out more about “Stop The Bleed Training” offered by VA Beach EMS, call the Administrative Office at 757-385-2911.

Did you know that EMT training is free when you join Virginia Beach EMS and VA Beach residency is not required? To find out more go to Join VB-EMS and click on the join us button.Nike Sneakers