A Shoutout To VA Beach EMS Volunteer Basic Life Support Academy Class 26 Graduates

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VB-EMS Academy Class 26 Graduation

VB-EMS Academy Class 26 Graduation

In August 2018, VA Beach EMS Basic Life Support Academy Class 26 held their graduation ceremony at the Virginia Beach Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Before a full house of family members, friends, sweethearts and fellow EMS volunteers, 30 new first responders took the EMT Provider Oath, which was followed by an evening of light refreshments and a lot of photos.

The sixteen week course consisted of medical and trauma online instructions combined with evening workshops under the direction of VA Beach EMS Instruction Supervisor, Lani de Forest and VA Beach EMS Senior Paramedic Hollie Albertson.

Is the training hard? Yes! But it is so worth the time and commitment knowing that you are a part of a group of emergency medical pre-hospital care providers trained to step into the hotzone of medical and trauma care. 

Did you know that EMT and Paramedic Training is free when you join the Volunteer Rescue Squads of VA Beach?

Many volunteers find that the skills and experience gained with Virginia Beach EMS often leads to job opportunities and opens doors to higher education opportunities in the medical field.

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