Chesapeake Beach Rescue Squad Volunteers Contribute Books To The Chesapeake Beach Civic League Little Free Library

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Chics Beach Volunteers Support Little Free Library Bookdrop

Chics Beach Volunteers Support Little Free Library Bookdrop

The Chesapeake Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad began operations in the early 1940s off Pleasure House Road in the Chesapeake Beach area of Princess Anne County. Many of the rescue squad volunteers lived and worked in the Chesapeake Beach community. The squad was and continues to be an extension of the community, helping and supporting the many local civic causes.

This tradition continues today, supporting large and small projects within the Chesapeake Beach community.

One of the programs the volunteers contribute to is the Chesapeake Beach Civic League Little Free Library!

The Little Free Library is a resource for the community to obtain free reading material and come back at anytime to exchange or donate new material.

The volunteers are helping to support this community project in hope that it never runs empty!

The volunteers mission is more than just being a rescue squad! The mission is to be contributing members to their community they serve and they plan to never fall short!

Did you know that you can volunteer with the Chesapeake Beach Rescue Squad or any of the other nine volunteers squads  in the City and training is free?

Learn more about the many volunteer positions, both operational and support at Join VB-EMS.

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