Dr. Amir Louka, Welcome To The VA Beach EMS Duty Physician (EDP) Program

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“The VA Beach EMS Duty Physician program provides an opportunity for direct physician involvement in the full range of minute-to-minute pre-hospital operations. EDPs are licensed physicians who possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to also function as EMS providers. They bring the full depth of a medical school education, a residency, and a comprehensive set of professional experience to the scene. As a Duty Physician, Dr. Louka will be assigned to an ALS Intercept Vehicle and will get dispatched to the most serious or complex call categories. When the unit is staffed, our pre-hospital personnel may request his response to other calls, and Dr. Louka may exercise the initiative to respond to any EMS call. He may render direct patient care (sometimes riding to the hospital with the patient) and/or provide on-scene and in-transport medical control or clinical guidance. Between calls, the Duty Physician may provide radio consultations for remote EMS personnel. He may participate in registered Quality Management Projects, such as trials of advanced, or novel, field treatment modalities. The call-sign of the EMS Duty Physician is “MD-2”, and the unit will be listed as “MD02” in the CAD.”

Doctor Louka started his pre-hospital emergency medical career as a volunteer EMT with the Princess Anne Courthouse Rescue Squad in 2009, before transferring to the Kempsville Volunteer Squad.

His love for helping people during a time of crisis guided him to enter medical school at Eastern Virginia Medical School where in 2014 he received his MD.

This was followed by completing his residency training in “Emergency Medicine” combined with a sub-specialty, “EMS fellowship,” at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, “VCU” in Richmond, VA in 2018.

Doctor Louka serves as an “EM” attend and EMS faculty within the VCU Department of Emergency Medicine, as well as an assistant professor in the School of Medicine.

In addition, Dr Louka supports the James City County Fire Department as an Operational Medical Direct. He also flies with VCU LifeEvac as a flight physician and is an Associate Medical Director with VCU Critical Care Transport.

Appreciation is extended to VA Beach EMS for much of this information. Thank You.

Volunteering with the Rescue Squads of VA Beach can open doors of opportunity. Start your journey at LivesNeedSaving and click on the join us link.

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