Frequently Asked Questions

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Need more information? Please review our FAQ list below. If you have a question that you don’t see answered, please call Bobby Hill Recruitment Coordinator Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation at 647-2789 or OR Susan Palmer, Virginia Beach Department of EMS Recruiter at 385-5004 or

1. Are there things that might prohibit me from volunteering?

There are a few things that may prohibit you from volunteering. Check the “list of disqualifiers in the, “How to Volunteer section”. Also we recommend you may wish to call the VB-EMS Office at 385-2911 to ask if your particular situation may disqualify you.

2. Is there any cost [uniforms, books, training, etc] to me to volunteer?

In Virginia Beach the training is free. The student will need to purchase the training manual. A word of caution. Before purchasing a book please check with your instructor to determine which edition your class will be using.
As a general rule the volunteer rescue squad you select to join will provide you with uniform shirts and pants.

3. If I am already trained as an EMT or higher are there any classes I need to take or can I be “fast tracked” to volunteering?

If you already meet Virginia EMT certification standards you will be asked to attend a new member orientation. At the orientation you will receive additional information to help you transition into the VB-EMS system.

4. What are the typical ambulance schedules?

New members are required to provide 48 hours a month of ambulance duty time. This generally takes the form of four 12 hour shifts.

5. Does the city EMS assign me to a rescue squad or do I volunteer with my neighborhood squad?

You select one of the ten volunteer rescue squads to join. Some people make the decision based on new friendships established during the EMT training course. Others select a station based on proximity to their home or place of work. The sooner you select a rescue squad the sooner you will be brought into the “family” and enjoy social and other events sponsored by that rescue squad.

6. What is the time from orientation to when I can ride on an ambulance?

The time will vary depending on whether or not you are already a certified EMS provided or will be attending a EMT course. However, even if you are in class part of the curriculum requires that you stand duties as a trainee working with the ambulance crew.

7. Who is the person to speak to regarding volunteering?

You can reach Susan Palmer the Virginia Beach EMS recruiter at 385-5004 or email at can also contact Bobby Hill, Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation recruiter at 647-2789 or

8. Is there a way that I can “test drive” being a volunteer?

Of course, we want you to be sure you feel comfortable with what volunteering in Virginia Beach is all about. That is why we have a “Observer Duty” or “Ride Along” program. You will need to contact the scheduling officer assigned to one of the volunteer stations. For a list of the volunteer station addresses and phone numbers: list of stations

9. What is involved in EMS Training?

The EMS Training Center conducts several EMT classes a year. The class runs around 19 weeks and is held two nights a week. Weeknight classes are held on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 6pm to 10pm. Each class includes a few Saturdays for skill shops and you also have your ride along time on the ambulance. Your EMT course coordinator will discuss in detail the class curriculum on the first night.

10. Will I be able to advance to Paramedic?

Absolutely. All of our active operational members can become eligible for advanced training right up to the paramedic level. As with the EMT course, there is no training cost to be a paramedic.

11. Do  I have to live in Virginia Beach to be an EMS volunteer?

Absolutely not. There is no residency requirement for membership or training benefits. Many of our members live outside the City of Virginia Beach yet choose to volunteer with Virginia Beach EMS. The rewards are life changing. You learn new skills that lead to career opportunities, make new friends and most important, you save lives.JORDANnike air janoski shop in japan philippines