In Her Own Words-VA Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad EMT Dale Drescher Gives A 5 Year Shoutout To Her EMT Partner-Roy White

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“In May of 2013 I finished the Academy EMT course, and passed my exams. In June I was lucky enough to be accepted by VBVRS, and it has been a joy.

VA Beach Rescue Squad Volunteer’s Dale & Roy

By the time summer rolled around in 2014, Roy White and I had begun running our shifts together.

He is my partner in every sense of the word – he watches out for me (as I try to watch out for him!), he is kind to our patients, always eliciting a smile from each one, and he makes me laugh out loud every single shift.

If he weren’t the navigator, we might end up in Philadelphia, my sense of direction is sooooo bad.

So, Happy 5 year work anniversary, partner; thank you for being my crew!”

You, too, can volunteer with one of the ten volunteer rescue squads of Virginia Beach and the training is free!

To learn how, go to LivesNeedSaving and click on the join us link.

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