Its National Flag Day and A Salute To Our Nations Flag

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June 14th is National Flag Day and we salute our nations flag along with a look back to 2009 & Senior Chief-Master at Arms, Alex Hebert, standing with the American flag in Afghanistan.

Senior Chief-Master At Arms, Alex Hebert
Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad EMT

For several years, Senior Chief, Alex Hebert volunteered with the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad responding to medical and trauma calls for help.

When Alex first joined Rescue 14, he already had his EMT, complements of the United States Navy.

He soon acquired advanced life support certification as an EMT-Enhanced, through the Virginia Beach EMS Training Academy, which allowed him during his deployment to Afghanistan to serve as a medic in addition to his other duties.

The realization that I could do something that could affect the rest of someone’s life was amazing.” Alex Hebert referring to his time volunteering with the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad

Thank you Alex for your service to your country and your service with the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad.

Training is free when you volunteer with the Rescue Squads of Virginia Beach.

To learn how you can volunteer, go to LivesNeedSaving and click on the join us link.