Thank You Clay Camp For Serving 43 Years With The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad

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A heartfelt thank you to Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad [Station 8-14] Life member Clay Camp, who has retired after 43 years of public safety service to the citizens of Virginia Beach and his rescue family.

Like many EMS volunteers before him, Clay started out as an Emergency Medical Technician, more commonly known as an EMT. His passion for helping others soon lead to more advanced medical training and eventually to the level of a Nationally Registered Paramedic.

Clay absorbed emergency medical care information & soon looked to expand his skills entering the field of “heavy rescue” and “vehicle extrication,” where he served on Squad Truck 14, an emergency vehicle designed to carry tools & equipment to the scene of car crashes where patients trapped in the wreckage were freed with the “jaws of life.”

Clay Camp-VBVRS Life Member

“We thank you, Clay, for every day you climbed aboard an ambulance, for every hand you held, for every life you saved. You have made a difference in this world!”

You, too, can volunteer with the Rescue Squads of Virginia Beach. Start your journey at LivesNeedSaving and click on the volunteer opportunities button.


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