VA Beach EMS Volunteer Tyler Sneads Next Big Adventure-Degree In Nursing

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Rescue 14 Volunteer EMT Tyler Snead next adventure, a degree in nursing.

Rescue 14 Volunteer EMT Tyler Snead next adventure, a degree in nursing.

Two years ago, Tyler Snead heard a VA Beach Rescue Squad Foundation, “Lives Need Saving” radio ad offering free EMT training to qualified people willing to volunteer with the Rescue Squads of  VA Beach.

At the time, Tyler had no medical background but was looking for something new to do and decided to check into what volunteering with VA Beach EMS is all about.

He submitted an online application at, Join VA Beach EMS and was called in for an interview. After passing the background checks, Tyler started his EMT training.

“Upon completing his first student shift on an ambulance Tyler was hooked!”

After graduating from the 17 week evening EMT course, Tyler joined the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad, one of ten volunteer squads in the City of VA Beach.

Tyler’s experience gained as an EMT responding to 911 EMS medical and trauma calls with Rescue Station 14 soon opened doors to career opportunities, as an EMT with a regional ambulance service and as an Emergency Room Technician with Sentara Hospital Health Care System.

Tyler, like many volunteer EMTs and Medics before him, found the world of emergency medical prehospital care to be exciting and rewarding. Two years into helping save lives, Tyler is taking on a new challenge, “earning a degree in nursing.”

Tyler had this to say in a recent Facebook posting:

“It’s crazy to think that after 11 years I’ll be back in school in August pursuing a degree in nursing! I went to the EMS academy just 2 years ago to try something new and happened to stumble upon a career. Whether I’m running rescue, working in the ER, working on my sfx makeups you all enjoy (lol) or even doing standby events I’ve found so much joy in the medical field! Thank you to every single person who has been a part of this continuing journey and the support you all have given me……….”

Tyler, we wish you the best of luck.

You too can be an emergency medical prehospital care provider with the Volunteer Rescue Squads of VA Beach. To learn more go to Lives Need Saving and click on the join us button at the top of the page.



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