VA Commonwealth University Health Child Center-Day Care Worker Recognized For Saving The Life of A Child With CPR

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Learn Hands Only CPR & You Can Help Save A Life

Learn Hands Only CPR & You Can Help Save A Life

Dr Stephanie Krebs Louka knows from first hand experience that CPR saves lives.

Several years ago Dr Louka began her journey into emergency medicine as a volunteer EMT with VA Beach EMS.As an EMT she was taught “Healthcare Provider CPR.” While on duty Stephanie used her training to save a patients life and was recognized by the local EMS community.

Most recently Stephanie and her husband Dr Amir Louka [also a volunteer EMT in VA Beach] experienced the positive results of early CPR intervention when their 13 month old daughter, Evie went into cardiac arrest and was saved by CPR provided by a daycare worker.

Stephanie and Amir encourage the public to learn community “Hands Only CPR.”

Dr Stephanie Louka recently met the day care worker who saved Evie’s life. Watch the emotion video at: VCUDayCareWorkerSavesALife

The VA Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad, the same rescue squad where Doctor Louka took her first steps as an EMT offers free monthly community “Hands Only CPR” training.

To find more about the free CPR classes offered  by the VA Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad go to FreeCPRtraining and click on the CPR link at the t0p of the page.

Did you know EMT & Paramedic Training is free when you volunteer with Virginia Beach EMS?

Are you interest in the medical field? Learn more about being an EMT-Paramedic at

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